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Play Way Method

Learning alongside Playing is a method that focuses on making learning easy and thereby instilling confidence in the child

Early Childhood Development

The crucial years of Early Childhood Development determine the educational foundation of a child

Focus on Communication skills

Stepping out of home for the first time by themselves gives way to discovering new arenas for communication with others or peers

Theory of Multiple Intelligences

We use different ways of teaching to cater to all types of learners - Visual, Kinesthetic, Musical, Verbal, Logical, etc.


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The Toddlers' Zone Way of Learning

The whole Toddlers' Zone approach is to provide the best early childhood care. We do this through theme days, practical learning, focus on music, movement and physical fitness, and host sports and annual days for our play schoolers. These practices give our students exposure to creative learning, hands-on experience, and new opportunities to become confident.

The Toddlers' Zone Experience

"Children must be taught HOW TO THINK, not what to think." - Margaret Mead

Emphasis on Visual and Memory Skills

Friendly and Warm Teachers & Staff

Weekly Sports and Activity-based Learning



Why Choose Toddlers' Zone for Your Child?

Toddlers' Zone has been known to prepare preschoolers for formal education. We nurture young minds and make sure that everyday is a productive day for our little ones. Parents have shown immense trust and faith in our school over the past years.

“We Believe - The Best way to make children good is to make them happy.” -Oscar Wilde

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Guide to Pre-school

Kids Can start Preschool once they turn 2 years of age.

Once the Child turns 2 he / she is ready for preschool. Preschool ensures Social Development which is essential in today’s world and schooling environment

Every Child is different, so they should be given a chance to explore a new environment independent from their parents and a preschool provides a secure environment to do so

Playing with other children is the best way of developing communication and social skills. It also gives scope for collaborative learning and fun

Parents Reviews

Anand Gopal Parent

“The Teachers are very supportive and very patient with kids. Attention in detail to all kids. In my personal opinion, it is one of the best options in Cox Town area. Parents and teacher interaction is good. Safe atmosphere”

Hiba Syed Sabir Parent

“The besssttttt school in this area. My kid has been studying here since last year and I can see a world of difference in her. She's improved immensely. My elder child studied in another playschool, which was supposed to be a well known school in the vicinity but only after sending my younger child to this school did I realize how good it is. They focus not only on education but equally on Extra-curricular activities also. There is no unnecessary minting money... Good teachers and they take good care of the child”

Abrar Mudsser Parent

“I highly recommend this school for your kid. My son started his schooling from this school. Teachers are very caring and loving which is very important. Very disciplined, caring and comfortable space, where I felt my son was safe. The school is clean and well organized, even with all the class room activities they conduct. Teachers are very understanding who are really willing to help your kid to unfold his potential.”

Adil Ahmed Parent

“Toddler Zone is a wonderful preschool where my daughter studied for a year in UKG . Her teacher Rachel ma'am and the other staff are gentle and responsible . The curriculum is non stressful for young kids but at the same time it's very enriching as well. Number and phonics concepts are taught well and step by step.”

Joseph Raj Parent

“I’d like to offer my sincere gratitude for the dedication and gentleness of the staff and administrators at Toddlers Zone. My daughter has been in this Pre-School for almost a year now. They focus not only on education but equally on extra curricular activities also they keep the kids engaged and the teachers pay attention to all the kids and feedback is given to every parent about the child’s development and growth. I myself am happy to recommend this preschool to all new parents.

I will always be thankful to the Toddlers Zone.”